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Akl Amine Batrouni
Austin TX
Parents:  Amine & Saada Batrouni (Lebanon)
Wife:  Terry Jamail
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Brenda Trabulsi (Strama)
Austin TX
Mother:  Genevieve Jamail Trabulsi
Grandparents:  Nagem and Emily Jamail
Siblings:  Ann Trabulsi O'Neill; Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr., Judy Trabulsi
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Darlene Jammal (McElhannon)
Katy TX
Grandparents:  Edna and George Said Jamail.  Parents:  Madelyne Jamail and John Joseph Jammal Send Darlene a MessageSend Darlene a Message
Donald Sobotik
Houston TX
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Dwayne Jammal
Cypress TX
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George Jammal
Cypress TX
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Janice Jamail-Garvis
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janice jamail-garvis
Houston TX janice@jamailrealestate.com
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Janine Jammal (Hildebrand)
Katy TX
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John Jammal
Austin TX
Great grandparents: Geroge Said and Edna Jamail
Grandparents: Johnny Joseph and Madelyne (Jamail) Jammal 
Parents: Johnny George Jammal and Barb Kamstra
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John Ryan
San Antonio TX
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Lynnsie Jammal
Austin TX
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Mattison Margaret Jamail Raiford
Austin TX
Parents: Michael & Tammy (Jamail) Raiford
Grandparents: Ernest & Sharron Jamail
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Perry Jamail
Cedar Park TX
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Stacy Buyajian (Fisher)
Houston TX
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Tammy Jamail (Jamail Raiford)
Austin TX
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Terry Jamail-Batrouni
Austin TX
Great-grandparents from Lebanon: Myrod & Warde Jamail
Grandparents: Philip & Effie Jamail
Parents: Ernest & Sharron Jamail
Husband: Akl Amine Batrouni 
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